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Green IT

What is green IT? Well first off what comes to mind when you hear green IT? If you are thinking of a solar powered computer or servers that enter sleep mode (conserving power) when there is no demand then you are on the right track.  Essentially green IT focuses on the use of Information Technology in an efficient manner that not only focuses on energy savings but also on what is called the Triple Bottom Line in Sustainability.

The Triple Bottom Line is focused not only on economic returns but also on social and environmental.  So how does this apply to Green IT?  Green IT with respect to hosting websites and the infrastructure that supports them focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of not just the “green hosting” equipment that runs in the data center, but a Green Data Center, from the way paper is used to the power savings of the equipment. But true green IT goes further to educate and engage the community in the ways of green computing and to give back to the community and the environment.

Green Hosting

Some Green Hosting companies choose to use the easier way out (though still very commendable) and buy carbon offsets to their hosting services, while other green hosting providers choose to get low energy servers and hosting equipment, use biodiesel in their backup generators and solar panels on their roofs, which is no small task. 

Make a Lifestyle Change and buy a Used Prius Hybrid

Used Prius Hybrid you say? Yes we do, because you are taking a vehicle that has already been built and accounted for rather than a new one. Yes arguably you can say that you are still fueling the demand for cars to be built, but you are reducing your carbon footprint (related to gasoline consumption and tailpipe emissions), so if you must drive to work instead of telecommuting then buy a used prius hybrid car. As part of the complete Green IT solution reducing your emissions related to driving plays a part as well. If you have a fleet of cars for IT service calls why not switch to a used Prius and pay you could come out financially ahead in the gas savings and in the good PR from making the switch?


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