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Cheap Dedicated Servers

Cheap dedicated web servers used to mean that their performance was not ideal, however times have changed and these days a cheap dedicated server can still come with 1 GB of RAM which is enough for most website hosting requirements. Another item of interest is the processors that you will find in cheap dedicated servers, they are fairly fast. on the average they have at least a 2 GHz celeron and in some cases pentium 4 3 GHz or even dual core CPUs and all of these are more than enough to run an average website, including using software that accesses a MySQL database.

Selecting the Right Cheap Dedicated Server

When looking for a budget dedicated server you need to take into account what you need it for. For example if you are doing a lot of MySQL database work, meaning you have a very active web forum with thousands of members you may want a web server with lots of ram and a decent processor (CPU) that can handle the database requests and in this case a cheap dedicated server may not work as well; However if you are looking for a website hosting solution for a website with a forum, and a blog with an average amount of visitors and members then a budget dedicated server would work very well for you as most shared virtual hosting accounts will not be able to handle the load of your website, and that's where your own dedicated server comes in.

If you have a website with very low processor requirement (CPU usage) but high bandwidth needs then you may be better off financially by selecting a cheap dedicated server with a large amount of included data transfer. You will need to remember that there is a little more to this and that is that if your web server needs to pump out lots of data the disk drive or drives need to be fairly quick with minamal bottle necks. Also you may want to upgrade to a 100 Mbps port instead of a 10 Mbps port since this will give you greater data troughput. As an example a website that requires lots of dtat transfer may chocke when there are too many useres on at one time because the most that your server can pump out is 10 Mbps and you have to remember that in some cases theat is calculated on two way traffic.

The additional head room availalbe for peak busy times on your web server is well worth the monthly cost of a faster port. In some cases the upgrade is free you just have to ask for it while others off it for between $5 to $20 a month more.

Cheap Dedicated Server Bandwidth

Bandwidth is another buzz word when it comes to purchasing dedicated server packages, while the amount of data transfer you are allowed is important you should first asses how much you will realistically need. One of my dedicated servers is allowed 1500 GB of data transfer per month and I am utilizing maybe 100 GB maximum, so while lots of bandwidth is important it should only be the deciding factor if you plan on hosting bandwidth intensive web sites. The nice thing about a cPanel dedicated server is that you can assign a bandwidth cap on each web site that you host on the server and cPanel will notify you when they approach their limit. Another handy feature is that you can view overall bandwidth usage so you can see how much total data has transferred for the month in cPanel. Dedicated servers can typically pump out a lot of data but you will also need to know what kind of ethernet connection your web server is connected to:

Again these numbers can be distorting because what also matters is the connectivity going to the routers and switches that are at your hosting center. Then there is the data transfer capabilities of your server hardware like the hard drives, raid cards, CPU, RAM speed, bus speed and so forth



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