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Fast Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

UPDATE! AS OF SEPTEMBER 2017 Servermania has some of the best prices on high end fast servers.

Want a real fast dedicated server? Well look no further. You have found them, or at least a list of really fast dedicated servers that can meet your needs.
The first list of hosting providers all offer a fast dedicated server made with Intel XEON CPUS. These machines are dual Xeon server platforms. With between 1 and 16 GB or RAM, depending on your needs some of them come with hardware RAID, freeing up more of your dual Xeon server s time to concentrate on serving pages and crunching data.

Fast Dedicated Server Provider
(Data Transfer)
Storage Space
(Hard Drive)
Operating System
System Details
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4 TB
( 4,000 GB)
320 GB
Offer RAID 0,1,5,10
RedHat Fedora
RedHat Enterprise
2 x Intel® XEON Quad Core 2.0Ghz
(Total of 8 cores at 2.GHz ea.)
2048MB (2GB) RAM
cPanel +$30/m Plesk+$25-$35/m
Real-time support requests
24/7 Support billed at $60/hour
10 Mbit/sec Port, 100% network uptime guarantee
99.9% server uptime guarantee
2 IP Addresses, Additional IP $1/m ea.
Remote Reboot
Data Center: USA, Seattle (west coast) Virginia (East coast) Redundant Power, Redundant Backbones
Root Access: Yes
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The "Dedicated III Plan"
2 TB
( 2,000 GB)
200 GB
They state Linux
But for us they will install FreeBSD
(just mark other in OS section and Request FreeBSD)

Dual Intel® Xeon® 2.66ghz or Two Quad cores for $75 per month more!
2048MB (2GB) DDR RAM
24/7 Phone & Email Support
Upgrade to for $15/month
2 IP Addresses, MySQL and Postgre Databases
Remote Reboot ($10.00/Occurrence)
Data Center: USA, Redundant Power, Redundant Climate Control, Redundant Tier One Backbones
Root Access: Yes

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Under "Enterprise Servers"

+ $25
Setup Fee
8 TB
( 8,000 GB)
Two 250 GB


Windows Server 2003 or 2008

2 x INTEL XEON 2.8 GHz Quad cores (8 cores total)
4096 MB (4GB) DRR2 RAM
Plesk/cPanel Control Panel (extra cost)
24x7 Tech Support (US based)
100 Mbit/sec depending on which data center
5 IP Addresses
99.99% Uptime
Remote Reboot via cust. service
Data Center: USA (San Diego, Phoenix)
Root Access: Yes, some managed plans no

Dual Xeon Dedicated Server

Dual Xeon dedicated server hardware is expensive; however the machines make for a very fast dedicated server.  IF you have any resource intensive applications or are running a database server, these machines are very fast, especially if you load them up with RAM and fast hard drives.

Fast Dual Xeon Server Upgrades

There are several ways to increase the speed of a dual Xeon server, the first being adding more RAM, if you are currently hosting or looking for a fast dedicated server solution  you can ask the hosting company to add more RAM, usually an option that you can select at the time you order your server . If you did not load up on RAM when you first purchased your fast server, you can just request a RAM upgrade and they should be able to do it for you fairly quickly.  Read more about this here.

Fast Hard Drive Read/Write Times  for a Dual Xeon Server

A really fast dedicated server can get more performance out of regular hard drives by utilizing a hardware RAID solution.  By choosing either RAID 0 or RAID 5 you can achieve fast read and write times on your dual Xeon server. Another way is by switching to 15,000 rpm SCSI hard drives, they are more expensive, do not have the storage capacity of SATA drives but are much faster. More on this topic here

Looking for a fast dedicated server on the AMD/Opteron platform then check out the Opteron Server section.

Want to read up on the pros of renting a fast dedicated server then click on Renting vs Buying



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