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Looking for used servers? well you have found the FreeBSD Forums used server auction listings, where we bring you up-to-date used servers that are up for auction from around the world. Feel free to scroll down the page and when you see something you like just click on the link to see the auction.


Different Brands of Used Servers

Looking for a specific brand of used servers then pick from the menu below and see the all of the server equipment up for auction.

Supermicro Servers
Compaq Servers
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Apple Servers (Xserve)
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Why Buy Servers Used Instead of New

Used servers have a history and yes they are not brand new, but so what. I mean really if the server gets the job done why should you pay four or five times more? And if you are thinking that a used server may wear out faster, well that is true but you can buy two and then you have all the used server parts that you need if you ever need to replace any of your server hardware.

I bought four Compaq Proliant 6400R used servers and they used to retail for well over $30,000 each, about four years later I picked them up for about $200 a piece. Now I know they were not state of the art anymore and in terms of straight MHz performance the Quad XEON 550 MHz server was slower, but when it can to multitasking having four separate CPUs each with 2MB cache and a total of 4GB of ECC Server Memory to work from these old servers were real workhorses. I still remember the sales staff at the Colocation provider chuckling when I walked in with these beasts (they weigh a lot). But the tech staff knew what they were capable of and were very impressed. An added bonus was that the spare server parts were super cheap if I needed to buy any.

Most Used Servers Come From Companies Providing Dedicated Hosting Services

Dedicated hosting service providers have to clear out their stock of gently used server hardware far more often the most of us do, leaving a great opportunity to find used servers from dedicated hosting services. These companies either own or lease super clean data centers that have kept the server hardware in a cool and clean environment for most of its life. The last set of used servers we bought came from a company that was providing dedicated hosting services and it was amazing how clean the servers were inside, no dust at all.


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