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FreeBSD Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Services

When you run a FreeBSD server that is provided through dedicated hosting services such as a Hosting company or colocation provider there are certain software programs which will run on virtually any Unix based operating system such as FreeBSD or Linux, however certain programs need customization which we call "Porting" not to be confused with server ports that are used for incoming connections such as good old server port 8080.

Benefit of Dedicated Hosting Services

Dedicated Hosting Services will already have their compilation of software that is ported to FreeBSD. Their system administrators will have a your dedicated FreeBSD server already configured with the proper software to run smoothly. Alternatively you can do the work yourself granted you do a lot of reading on FreeBSD forums and such, but the hosting providers have amassed a vast knowledge on what software runs best with FreeBSD.

For those of you that like to get their hands "dirty" and to the sys admin work themselves you can setup yoru server to easyliy install software packaes if you are wanting to ether install or uninstall (remove) programs from your FreeBSD system you can check out the how to get and use the Ports collection here. They have the best how to instructions on configuring FreeBSD.

FreeBSD Ports

Below we will post a list of compiled software ports that run on FreeBSD. if you have any that you would like to contribute please let us know and we will be sure to post them. They will be sorted between FreeBSD web server applications for FreeBSD servers and applications for workstations and home office use (non web server use).


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