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Managed Web Hosting Pros

Managed web hosting offers some great pros. Starting with the fact that you will not require system administrators on staff or on contract to do any technical work on your hosting account since a managed web hosting account includes this service. Keep in mind there is usually a limit to the included management, and additional time/work may cost extra, but at least you have someone you can use at a moments notice should the need arise.

For the most part you will have worry-free hosting on a managed web hosting account. When you use a self-managed web hosting account you have more responsibility to update your system with the latest security patches and secure your server on your own. Having your account managed for you takes care of these tasks so you can concentrate on your business.

Because of competition basic management levels have really come down in price to the point where most dedicated servers come with a small management package. If you want to completely control the server yourself you can but it will cost you the same regardless if you manage it or the hosting company. But if you are technically inclined or have a system administrator on staff this may be a better way to go since you will have way more control of your hosting account. Read more on this in the cons of a managed web hosting account.

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