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Server Memory

Server memory is different from regular computer memory in that it has various additional features that are required by a server. Memory for computers is usually much cheaper than Server memory; However you can buy used server memory that is priced much cheaper than brand new RAM.
Server memory can be broken down into fully buffered dimm  also known as fb dimm for short and ECC registered memory or ECC memory.  Generally fully buffered dimm memory is also error correcting (ECC)

Fully Buffered Dimm Server Memory

Fb dimm server memory is a little slower than the comparable speed non-fully buffered Dimm since it has an advanced memory buffer also called AMB that in on the dimm memory module. The AMB acts on behalf of the memory controller and writes to the memory module, this takes away the system overhead on the CPU or memory controller the happened with traditional non-fb dimm ECC memory and increases performance.  

ECC Registered Server Memory

While FB Dimm memory is more common in the latest server memory system architecture found on new server motherboards, many data servers and workstations still use ECC registered memory.  Error-correcting memory (ECC memory for short) provides some additional redundancy for mission critical servers but it does add more overhead to the processor and the memory controller.
Find some great pricing on FB Dimm server memory below.

533 FB Dimm

ECC Server Memory









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