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Benefits of a 1U Server

When setting up a server for your website, there are many benefits of a 1U server. This type of rackmount server is fairly easy to setup and maintain, once you understand how it works. In fact 1U rackmount servers are becoming more and more common among both those who choose to host their own websites and the companies that offer outsourced hosting because of the compact size and ease of maintenance.

What Is a 1U Server

Before you can benefit from this type of 1U rackmount server, you must understand what it is. First, a 1U server is a type of rackmount server. This means that it can be mounted in a server rack, which is basically a 19-inch wide metal frame designed to house electronic modular equipment.   
A 1U server takes up one rack unit (1U), which is approximately 1.75 inches in height. The server is, therefore, a computer that sits just under 1.75 inches tall. The computer stretches for the entire width of the rack, just under 19 inches, making it about the size of a pizza box. The shape of these small machines earned them the nickname of "pizza box" computers. 

Even with this small size, all of the necessary components to run the server are housed inside the frame. In fact, it only takes about four centimeters of height to build a fully functional computer, so 1U rack servers actually have room to spare. There is even room for optical and disk drives in this 19-inch computer form. 
Finally, a 1U server is a server. This means it is a computer that is designed to receive and transmit data to other computers. Most often this means it is used to store and transmit the information from a website also known as a webserver.

Benefits of 1U Servers

So why would you choose a 1U server over a traditional computer or a larger machine? First, it really is possible to house all of the equipment necessary to run a website within this small frame, so it is the most compact option. This means it is easily transportable. If you need to move offices or locations within your home, you can do so quite easily with the small server. They can also be stored anywhere. If you do not have a rack or do not wish to use one, you can store the small computer anywhere that it will not overheat. 

Second, they are not difficult to maintain. When installed in the rack, a rackmount server can be slid out like a drawer. The top opens easily, and components can be switched or adjusted without even taking the server out of the rack.  

Finally, the space conserved by using one of these servers opens up room for other servers to share the same floor space. From a colocation standpoint space is always at a premium and you pay by the U, so the difference between a 1U rack server and a 2U server could be anywhere from $20 a month to $60 a month in rent, now multiply that by the useful life of the hardware and you have a very significant cost increase. In a crowded office, this means multiple busy websites can be hosted in a limited amount of space. With a traditional computer design, you could not stack several computers on top of one another, but 1U servers and the racks that house them make this possible. If you outsource your hosting to a hosting company and choose a dedicated server, chances are high that it will be a 1U server because of these benefits. So whether you build your own server or outsource the service, consider using a 1U server.

Don't Want to Bother About Buying One Then Try Dedicated Hosting Services 

Dedicated hosting services are web hosting companies that supply you with the server you need on a monthly rental basis. You get the use of the server and the data center, including bandwidth for one low monthly fee. Dedicated hosting services typically include a certain amount of monthly administration services in the hosting price, but if you need a complete hosting solution try managed web hosting services. These are dedicated servers that are administered by the web hosting company's technical people so you don't have to worry about doing any work on your web server.



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