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Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting does not have to be a sacrifice in benifits or features. If you are looking for a virtual web hosting account for your website(s) the Green web hosting companies listed below offer superb performance and features at a price equal to non green hosting providers fees. The following hosting companies are listed by features, perfomance and price.

Benefits of Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting sounds good on paper. After all, we all want to do our part to save the environment for our children and grandchildren, and since hosting can be an environmentally damaging item, green web hosting simply makes sense. But what are the real benefits of green web hosting? How much of an impact does it really make? Some people say that a web server can produce more tons of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) in a year than a car, but that depends on the watts of power used and to a certain extent also how many websites and/or clients are on the server, becaues part of green web hosting is maximising the power and resource usage you may have a server that uses more watts of power but is spreading the energy consumption over many accounts.

Change Your Environmental Impact with Green Web Hosting

The environmental impact of choosing eco friendly web hosting is the most obvious benefit. When you choose green hosting, you are doing your part to protect the environment. When you realize that the net effect of running the servers for all of the servers in the United States is equal to that of five nuclear power plants, the reality of the damage the Internet is doing to the environment becomes much more tangible. 
Remember, in order for a website to be online, your server has to be on. This means that somewhere there is a computer that is running at all times. Your website, therefore, is a constant drain on environmental resources. Green hosting ensures that some or all of that energy consumption comes from a renewable source.

What Is Green Hosting?

Hosting a website takes a tremendous toll on the environment. The World Wide Web, in general, has guzzled tons of energy. From the energy it takes to power computers on the user's end to the energy necessary to host a website on a server that is "always on," websites are simply not "green" creatures. For web designers, green hosting offers an alternative that allows them to lessen the impact their websites have on the environment.




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