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FreeBSD Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Services

Reasons for using a Dedicated Hosting Service Provider

There are many reasons to have your own dedicated web servers and why it might be better to order one form a dedicated hosting service provider. From freedom for developers and system engineers to create their own customized web server to requirements for enhanced security that only a dedicated web server can supply. The reason for why a dedicated server for hosting can best meet your needs above and many other purposes is total control of your web server. And that means you can install any operating system you wish. Whether it is a free OS like FreeBSD or fedora Linux or a purchased operating system such as Microsoft windows server series of platforms or even an enterprise Linux server OS that comes with a maintenance package purchase option.

Usually hosting companies offer a standard list of operating systems for you to choose from for your dedicated server. But it does not mean that just because they don't offer the one you want that can't get it from them. Remember that you can always ask them for an install of what you want and failing that you or your tech can install most  operating systems remotely.

So remember that if you find a hosting company that you like either because of their price, performance, or what they offer but if they don't have exactly what you want just ask them

I have used Linux dedicated web servers and Microsoft dedicated servers and they both have their appropriate uses. 

Should you not be ready to pay for your own web server there many dedicated hosting providers that offer shared hosting services or virtual servers. These webhosting companies will then easily be able to transfer your hosting account over to your own server once you have the need to upgrade.

By using a hosting provider that offers you virtual hosting and dedicated server hosting you can make sure that they offer compatible admin interfaces that should make your upgrade seamless.


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