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Dedicated Hosting Services for Linux, FreeBSD and Windows

Dedicated hosting services focus on web hosting solutions that give you a dedicated amount of resources, such as a dedicated server or a virtual private server where you get a set amount of server resources to yourself and then share additioanl resource with other users. But web hosting services encompass all aspects of web hosting. Regardless if you are looking for a dedicated server, a VPS hosting account of just virtual server hosting, this website is here for you as a resource where you can read up on information on the type of web hosting service that you want, helping you make the right choice when it comes time to purchase a web hosting account.

Looking for a FreeBSD dedicated server? We have a list of dedicated hosting service providers for you to look over. They are broken down into three sections offering Basic Servers, High End Servers, and Extreme Servers. Whether you need a place to park your websites on the web, or have for a more specific use in mind for the server, these providers all offer FreeBSD hosting as an option. Of course you can pick other OS installations if you wish as most of them also support Linux OS's and Windows.

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Mid Level FreeBSD
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Dedicated Hosting Services for FreeBSD Hosting

FreeBSD hosting is a very reliable method of web hosting, using a great server operating systems named FreeBSD, web servers can run rock stable for years without issues. Provided that your dedicated server is configured properly from the start.

This web site is for two types of people, someone who is looking for  dedicated hosting services and does not have the technical expertise to configure their own server but would rather have a managed server that gives them the full control of owning their own web server but without the technical issues and headaches.

The second group of people fall into the technical category, someone who is looking for information on FreeBSD and can build their own  web server and compile all the related modules to their own specifications. For them we offer the FreeBSD Forums mentioned earlier. However in some cases even a highly skilled tech may want to find a hosting company that offers hosting services that offer FreeBSD hosting, that way they can have a FreeeBSD host in some cases for a fraction of the price of having to buy their own server then find a colocation service that has a good price on bandwidth and server space.

Remember that just like laptops and full height computers it is cheaper to build a larger server than a small one, however conversely the small ones are cheaper when you rent colocation space, for rent on a 1U server can be up to four times cheaper than a 4U server. You can read more on this in our section on colocation prices (link to section)

As strange as it may sound providers of  dedicated hosting services can usually offer you a server, combined with the rent of the space for the web server and the bandwidth all for a little more than the cost of colocation. I used to be a big fan of collocating my servers in fact the company I owned used to have its very own cage at a multi homed world class colocation facility, which at the time made sense, but now I run our servers all through dedicated hosting services which frees up a large amount of capital investment in infrastructure and risk because you are now committed to the hardware you purchased, and unlike using a hosting service you will need to buy your own, switches, hubs, routers, and load balancers You can read more about this in our section on costs covered by hosting services.

FreeBSD hosting using a hosting service can be very economical for individuals wanting a dedicated server to small and medium businesses that require one or more servers and even for large scale corporations that wish to reduce their up front cost of IT equipment.  

A Word on FreeBSD Servers

FreeBSD dedicated servers are very stable and a great choice when selecting an operating system for your web server. While FreeBSD web hosting has long been popular among the IT professional crowd, it is now making a bigger appearance in the mainstream market as well. A good indication of this is the number of web hosting providers that are now offering FreeBSD hosting for smaller clients and FreeBSD dedicated servers for their larger client that need their own server.
This web site is a great resource for people looking for more information on FreeBSD hosting and for system administrators who are experienced with the OS and are looking for a community where they can share their knowledge and gain new knowledge on running a FreeBSD web server.
My first introduction to a FreeBSD server was back in 1999 when a colleague who runs a hosting company and I were discussing what operating systems we used while I was using Red hat linux web servers he was running FreeBSD server configurations.

FreeBSD is a great server operating system, however it can also be used on home computers and laptops that run word-processing programs and spreadsheets.


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