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Buy Used Servers

Looking to buy used servers? It may be one of the most sound financial decisions you make when it comes to reducing your IT budget. I have bought used servers ever since 2005 when I found that I could buy used servers that were ultra high end a few years ago for a fraction of the price of new servers that had the same or similar computational power as the high end web servers from a few years before.
An acquaintance decided to buy used server racks instead of new ones and he saved over two thirds of the price of new and lets face it a used server rack has very little that can go wrong, so it like buying new.

Different Brands of Used Servers

Looking for a specific brand of used servers then pick from the menu below and see the all of the server equipment up for auction.

Supermicro Servers
Compaq Servers
Blade Servers
Apple Servers (Xserve)
Sun Servers

Want to Buy Used Server Hardware? Then use this Search




Why buy used servers?

Well for one used servers for sale tend to be a lot cheaper even when you factor in shipping prices. And not everyone needs the latest bleeding edge technology. Ok so you may be asking yourself what if the used it equipment breaks down? Well the good news is that there are usually a lot of cheap spare parts available. Feel free to check our search engine for a part you need right now and see what we mean.

We list new servers for sale too

In some instances when space is limited and you need a lot of computational power then the decision to purchase used servers may not be an option, which is OK. We also list new servers that are being auctioned off at low prices.




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