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Dedicated Hosting Services for FreeBSD Hosting

Pros and cons of Dedicated server providers

Ultimately it is up to you to make the decision of whether to buy a server and host it in a colocation facility or purchase a dedicated server package from a web hosting provider that gives you the same control over the server as owning it from a administration point of view. The list below is usefull for all types of Internet servers, not just FreeBSD hosts. Read the sections that apply to you before you make the decision of how and where to host your webserver.

Financial Risk is mitigated with a Dedicated Sever Lease

financial risk of the hardware cost is reduced. Suppose you have been making due with a virtual host or what is know as a shared hosting plan that is priced a lot less than running your own server, but now you need more control of what you can do with the web site and your sys admin has recommended that you get your own server,if you buy a server from HP, DELL, Supermicro or one of the many other brands available you will need to either pay cash up front for the web server or pay monthly payments in the form of a lease or loan. Now suppose in 8 months things change so dramatically that what you were doing is no longer financially viable on the Internet (this can happen). You are now stuck with making payments for a webserver for a lot longer than another 8 months,but if you paid for dedicated server hosting and paid for either a one year term (which usually gets you a better rate) or paid month to month you have minimized your risk significantly.

 with the one exception of hardware, when you own a server you can do whatever you want the the hardware while with a


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