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Managed Web Hosting Cons

Managed web hosting services are a great way to have minimal work other than updating your actual web pages and creating your web site(s). However there are some cons to managed web hosting. The main one being that some web hosting companies that offer system administrator directed web hosting accounts require that their staff do all software installation on the server/VPS that they are managing on your behalf. What this means is that You will pay a premium for the installation of some software packages that their system administrators are not familiar with. Or in some instances when you purchase a software package the company that you are buy the software from will include installation in the cost. If your hosting provider forbids other people doing installs you will have to pay your web hosting company to do it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since from a security perspective I too would recommend that you only have people that you trust access your server or VPS hosting account(linktovpshostingaccountpage) to install software. But if you have your own system administrator and want to add some packages or make some customizations to the operating system or apache (your web server) you will have to go through your web host.

Another con to managed web hosting is that you are limited to the expertise of the web host's system administrators. If they are not familiar with an operating system they won't support it so you have to shop around to find a web host that supports the OS that you want to use on your server or VPS hosting account. This may mean that you won't get the best price on the dedicated server or VPS account.

having said this not all hosting providers have the strict restrictions of system access as mentioned above and we list whether you get your full root access with the hosting providers we list on our various hosting pages.

Root access basically means you have system root level access so you or your own system administrators can access the VPS account or dedicated server and do anything. A lot of basic managed web hosting accounts offer this feature.

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