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Online Brand Management

From trademark dilution to brand misrepresentation online brand management helps protect your corporate and personal reputation.

We work with some of the best online brand management/protection agencies and can recommend the right one for your individual situation.

Some of the services these firms offer are online brand management solutions that cover scanning the web for inappropriate representations of your brand or trademarks, dealing with infringing parties, helping you form an action plan for a potential crisis situation (should something bad happen this can mitigate any potential negative fallout, such as the recent tainted meat scandal, or the pizza parlor employees posting a video of them doing nasty things to the customer's pizza See Dominos Pizza youtube clip). The firms also employ advanced tools to track the history of an infringing website, the past and present domain owners, and additional domains owned by the infringing party.

An additional side note regarding online reputation management. If you are hosting your website on an shared hosting account or in some cases a VPS hosting account that shares and IP address you need to know that your website can be associated with the other websites that hosted on the same IP address . This means that if someone is using their website for something that is not aligned with your business/brand people may have the impression that the two are linked. To avoid this I would recommend switching to a dedicated hosting service that way the only websites that are on your IP address(s) are your own which you have complete control over. You can read more about some additional reputation risks in our article on the cons of shared hosting.

Improve Your Online Reputation Management Today

Start the next chapter in your online reputation management today. You can fill out as much or as little about your company as you wish, keep in mind that the more we know about your situation the better we can recommend the right online reputation management firm for you.


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