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Cheap Dedicated Server Solutions

Why consider a cheap dedicated server? To put it another way what are the reasons for getting your own cheap dedicated server. Is it that your website needs to run applications that will only run on a modified server or do you just need your own server for the sake of its own resources. Some of the more common reasons are:

To read a breif excerpt of each of this reasons just have a read below and if you are intrested in more information just click on the link below each section and on the corrisponding page we will go into greater detail on these topics.

Cheap Dedicated Servers Fix Security Concerns of Shared Hosting

Compared with a shared hosting account a cheap dedicated server can be so much more secure. You are not vulnerable to what other hosting accounts on the same server do in terms of what risky software they run that could get the whole server hacked, including your account or what risky undertaking the other accounts have going on their account could result in the whole server being seized as evidence and gone over with a fine tooth comb.

When you have your very own web server, even a cheap dedicated server, you have your very own hard drive, so your data stays in your server and is not affected by what other websites do. What you may not know is that on a shared hosting account your data is on the same drive or set of drives that all the other hosting accounts are on and in some instances there can be hundreds of different hosting accounts all on one server. Read more on security here...

Transfer to a Cheap Dedicated Server and Get Full System Resources.

System resources of a shared hosting account can at times get pretty limited, especially during peak times of the day. By switching from a shared hosting account to a cheap dedicated server you can get an entire server devoted to meet just your website(s) demand. These days bargain dedicated servers can be had for very little, in some cases a lot less than a shared hosting account. I know of one business that was paying over $60 per month for 1 website on a shared server. A budget of $60 per month would give you the pick of cheap dedicated servers since some of the packages start for as little as $29.95 per month, giving you so much more expansion capabilities since you can host 100 or more of your own websites on a cheap dedicated server. You could even host a few of your friends websites and have them pitch in to pay your hosting fee, which is a great segway to cost reduction by purchasing an affordable dedicated server. Read the full article

Reducing Your Cost by Renting a Cheap Dedicated Server

A budget dedicated server can be cheaper than some shared hosting accounts or some Virtual private servers and can give you much more flexibility.

Even if you are paying rock bottom prices on a shared hosting account you can save money by switching to a cheap dedicated server. You might be wondering how would you save money? Well if you have two or three shared web accounts that could already pay for a cheap dedicated server.

Or consider how many friends you have that run their own website. And every one of them is probably paying for a shared hosting account. If you rented a cheap dedicated server and then charged them a small monthly or yearly fee.  In some cases you could just give your friends a web account on your server.

Some of the budget dedicated hosting services even offer reseller software for the servers so you can easily tie in billing options and become your own webhost (you would be surprised by how many small hosting companies do just that). Continue on to the full article



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This Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting section was Last updated: Friday, Oct 19th 2018

Dedicated Server Provider
(Data Transfer)
Storage Space
(Hard Drive)
Operating System
System Details
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BBB Accredited
69.95 Setup
1.4 TB
( 1,400 GB)
40 GB
Windows Server 2003
and 2008

AMD 2000+
512 MB DDR RAM, Email Support,
24/7 Support, 99.999% Uptime,
100Mbps connection (Full Duplex Port)
1 IP Address (more avail. @ $10 ea)
Data center has multiple reduntant direct fiber connections
Remote Reboot
Data Center: USA
Root Access: Yes

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Under Webmaster Servers Section


Free Setup

.5 TB
( 500 GB)
160 GB

Windows Server 2003 or 2008

INTELCeleron 2.8 GHz
1024 MB (1GB) RAM (upgradable to 3GB)
Plesk Control Panel (extra cost)
24x7 Tech Support (US based)
10 or 100 Mbit/sec For extra $10
5 IP Addresses
99.99% Uptime
Remote Reboot via cust. service
Data Center: USA (San Diego, Phoenix)
Root Access: Yes, some managed plans no
Visit Site
2 TB
( 2,000 GB)
80 GB
Offer RAID 1
RedHat Fedora
RedHat Enterprise
Intel® Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
1024MB (1GB) RAM
cPanel +$30/m Plesk+$25-$35/m
Real-time support requests
24/7 Support billed at $60/hour
10 Mbit/sec Port, 100% network uptime guarantee
99.9% server uptime guarantee
2 IP Addresses, Additional IP $1/m ea.
Remote Reboot
Data Center: USA, Seattle (west coast) Virginia (East coast) Redundant Power, Redundant Backbones
Root Access: Yes
1&1 UK
Visit Site
For Hosting requirements in the UK or offshore hosting


USD $60

81 TB in theory
( 81,000 GB
in theory)
2 x 160 GB
With Software RAID 1
CentOS 5
openSUSE 11
Debian 4.0
Ubuntu 8.04
Ubuntu 6.06
for win+£10
AMD Athlon 3800+ (2 cores total x 2.0 GHz)
1024MB (1GB) RAM
24/7 Express Phone & Email Support
100 Mbit connection
1 IP Addresses, MySQL and Parallels Plesk Control Panel
1 Dedicated SSL Certificate & Shared SSL
Remote Reboot, plus recovery system boot option included
Data Center:UK
Root Access: Yes