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The Benefits of Installing FreeBSD

Installing FreeBSD is compatible with various hardware platforms and thus offers a lot of benefits.

A FreeBSD server can be based on the Intel i386 architecture, including 386, 486 and Pentium processors or other processing units from AMD and Cyrix. FreeBSD also runs on SPARC machines from Sun Microsystems and with recent development efforts to enable portability for a FreeBSD dedicated server to other hardware platforms such as Intel 64 bit architecture, AMD’s 64 bit processing design and the Motorola/IBM PowerPC architecture.

Being derived from Berkeley UNIX, FreeBSD provides many benefits with the flavor of AT&T's UNIX operating system. One can avail from features of preemptive multitasking by installing FreeBSD on a dedicated server, as it offers dynamic priority adjustment to ensure smooth and fair sharing of the computers resources between users and applications. The FreeBSD dedicated server works as a multi-user system which is great for office environments or for workstations as it gives many users access to use the system for unrelated purposes simultaneously. All the users of a common FreeBSD server can share attached peripherals like printers and tape drives with same access level. 

The FreeBSD feature of preemptive multitasking may arise confusion with similar ones offered by some other commercial operating systems. However, a FreeBSD server offers true multi-user functionality protecting users from one another. The benefits of installing FreeBSD can be summarized as:

Benifits of FreeBSD Dedicated Servers

FreeBSD Reliability

FreeBSD Portability

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