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Free web hosting sites are not all truly free in terms of not costing a dime. Sure there are some free hosts out there where you can host your web site for free, but then you have to put up with ads or your web site is slow because the web servers for the company are so bogged down because they have too many sites shared on the same web server.
But don’t believe us see for yourself. We listed the free web hosting services below this paragraph. Check them out and then when you have had it with free web hosting and are prepared to pay less than the cost of a cup of coffee to host your web site, there are some excellent shared web hosting companies that offer amazing value.

Web hosting Site
Allows you to place ads on site
Storage Space Allowed
Display Their Ads on Your Pages
Upload Method
Type of Scripts Allowed
Your Web URL
GeoCities ShutDown ShutDown ShutDown ShutDown ShutDown ShutDown English 85
007Sites YES 700 MB Yes Banner on Top of your pages FTP, Browser PHP/SSI Domain/Subdomain English 79
WebNG NO 350 MB Yes Banner on Top of your pages FTP, Browser ASP/SSI /youraccount English 77
eSmartStart YES 250 MB Yes Banner on Top of your pages + popup FTP, Browser - Subdomain English 65

That old adage nothing is ever free applies to free web hosting sites too
While free web hosting sites are around there are some very cost effective alternatives. The web hosting companies listed below/above offer one free domain registration, so you get a free domain name with your hosting plan and many of them give you the equivalent of one or two years free hosting when you sign up for their inexpensive multi-year hosting plans.

Free Web Hosting Sites Reviewed
Still not convinced and want to host your site for free? Then read our full reviews of the free hosting options available to you. Free web hosting sites used to be huge back when hosting plans cost $20 - $100 per month or even more but now that some plans are less than $2 per month and the difference in quality and value is big enough that many people are switching to paid hosting. Geosites was one such free web hosting site that offered people a place to park their web pages, but it recently shut down and all the internet addresses that people worked on promoting for years are now worthless. Most free web hosting companies will not give you your own domain name to use. Instead you have to use one of their addresses which could look something like this http://www.theirdomain.com/~yoursitenamehere

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting Sites
The top 5 disadvantages of free web hosting sites are fairly major ones that may leave you running in the other direction. They are:
1 Slow to load – to make hosting free you have to put so many sites all on the same webserver that it is practically bogged down
2 lack of control – most free sites give limitations to the size of your web page and the type of html coding it is in.
3 advertisements all over your site – to make up for your free web site you have to let them place advertisements on it, usually this is on the top and bottom of the page and looks ugly, but sometimes they can even scan your text and place links in your words that take your web surfer to another site altogether.
4 down time – as you are getting a free service, chances are they do not offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
5 you don’t get your own URL that you can take with you when you want to change web hosting companies.



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