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Intel based servers come in both brand name and no name or custom varieties. FreeBSD Forums has put together an easy to use listing service that provides you with up-to-date listings of New, Reconditioned, and used Intel server auctions. These servers are available from around the world and are up for auction right now.
Scroll down the page to browse and when you see something you like just click on the link to see the auction.

Remember most web servers today are uinderutilized, in most cases and older server can still handle more than you require, saving you a lot of money.
If you don't see it on this page you can click on the more specific listing pages below.

Different Models of Used Intel Servers

Are you looking for a different Brand of second-hand servers.

1U servers
Blade Servers
SCSI Drives
2U servers
Storage Racks/Enclosures
SAS Storage
3U servers




Why Buy Used Hardware Instead of New ?

Well it really depends on your operating budget but when you buy used servers you can make your budget go a long way. In todays tough economic times you are much wiser to watch yoru pennies when purchasing server hardware. Some of the used servers are factory reconditioned giving you as-new components and a warranty. In other cases you will find refurbushed servers that were reconditioned by qulified service technicians.

You may even find new servers that are being sold off in lots or single units. So just becuase you may require the latest state of the art server, it doesn't mean that these auctiosns are not for you. Buying new here could still save you some money in your IT budget.

We have bought a lot of Intel hardware online, from just motherboards, to CPUs. Intel makes some great server hardware that lasts, so just becuase the server is used, it does not mean that its usefull life is over, far from it.



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