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Used Video Cards

Looking for a particular used video card? Then please have a look at our listings of used video cards from manufactures such as Nvidia, ATI (now a division of AMD), and many others. Depending on what you want to use a video card for, sometimes a used video card can be the right choice for you (yes I am sure the retail stores and the video card manufacturers are looking at this with disapproval).

With computer components depreciating faster than most consumer goods it makes sense to buy a used video card that was bleeding edge just a few months ago and here is why:

Unless you are a gamer that plays the latest high end video games that require the best videos cards then you can get away with an older card and save some real money.
Example:  a used EVGA nVidia 9800GTX video card sells for $100 or less, even new ones sell for just over the $125 mark. While a BFG GeForce GTX 295 Video Card sells new for close to $550 (you might find a used one near new for less here). And while the GTX 295 has some really cool features you can get the 9800GTX for a lot less with very similar features, then in 6 months or so you can upgrade to a used GTX 295 video card and still save over the original $550 (plus you now have a spare card that you can sell or use in another computer).

Used video cards for sale by owner

Here you can find various used video cards listed by Manufacture and model name:

GTX 295

GTX 260


GTX 285

Nvidia 9800GTX


GTX 280

8800 GTX





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