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Used HP 3U Servers for sale including new and reconditioned HP servers.
Scroll down the page to browse and when you see something you like just click on the link to see the auction.

Remember most web servers today are underutilized, in most cases and older server can still handle more than you require, saving you a lot of money.

If you don't see it on this page you can click on the more specific listing pages below.

Additional Used HP Server Models

View other brands of used servers that are currently listed for sale. Not all HP server models are available all of the time, since this is a real time listing of the current USed HP server auctions, you might need to check back another day if you don't see what you are looking for.

HP Storage Racks/Enclosures
HP 3U servers
SCSI Drives
SAS Storage

Why Buy Used HP 3U Server Hardware Instead of New ?

Well for one it is a lot cheaper, and I mean a lot! You can save a bundle by just getting a HP server that is used and nearly new. Most data centers and colocation providers have very clean air in their server rooms, this along with air temperature that is much cooler than in a home helps to keep this server hardware in top notch shape. Unlike a home computer that is subject to lots of dust and high temperatures, (especially in the summer) servers from a server room come from a stable environment that is meant for optimum performance. That mean dust free and cool.






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