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Security of FreeBSD as a Server Operating System

FreeBSD Security as a Server Operating System<---- Continued from the 1st page

The concern of FreeBSD security becomes more difficult while securing user accounts. In case of insufficient administrative control, one needs to be more vigilant in monitoring user accounts to ensure security to the user accounts. Using ssh and Kerberos for user accounts in a FreeBSD dedicated server is more problematic as it requires extra administration and technical support required. However, it is still considered as a very good solution as compared to a encrypted password file. 

There are lots of other solutions that give FreeBSD security an enhanced strength so that it can be viably used as a server operating system at various platforms. Installing FreeBSD on a server gives extended options to secure the filesystem and other raw devices of the machine. Now a days, in most of the kernels there is a packet sniffing device driver. Similar one is built in with FreeBSD as well. It is called the bpf device. It simply protects the system from an intruding attempt during any compromised situation.

FreeBSD Security with encryption

The security of a FreeBSD dedicated server is also supported by encryption methods. While the library supports DES, MD5 and Blowfish hash functions, generally FreeBSD uses the MD5 mechanism to encrypt passwords. Passwords encrypted with the MD5 hash are longer than those encrypted with the DES hash. Similar to several other server operating systems, there are security advisories published by FreeBSD  as well. FreeBSD security advisories are usually mailed to the security lists and noted in the remedial documentation only after the appropriate releases are approved.


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