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New PF on FreeBSD snapshot available


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New PF on FreeBSD snapshot available
Pyun YongHyeon and Max Laier announce a new release of PF for FreeBSD, which is available for download. Since the first release of PF at the end of March 2003, PF has undergone several major updates such as -current and ALTQ support. They have also removed bugs in IPv6, module handling and table support code and believe the current version 0.61 is very close to production use.

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Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 11:16:19 +0200
From: Christian Brueffer <chris@unixpages.org>
To: current@freebsd.org
Subject: New PF on FreeBSD snapshot available

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I'm sending this on behalf of Pyun YongHyeon <yonagri@kt-is.co.kr>
(he can't send messages to the lists himself for some reason).


PF on FreeBSD 5.X

URL: http://pf4freebsd.love2party.net/index.html

Contact: Pyun YongHyeon <yonagri@kt-is.co.kr>
Contact: Max Laier <max@love2party.net>

We are very pleased to announce that a new release is available for
download at

Since the first release of PF at the end of March 2003, PF has undergone
several major updates such as -current and ALTQ support. We also have
removed bugs in IPv6, module handling and table support code.
We believe the current version 0.61 is very close to production use.

PF on FreeBSD provides nearly the same features as OpenBSD PF does,
except some minor differences. (Probably we can mimic this missing
behaviour if kernel sources could be modified.)
Now, users on FreeBSD can choose the most appropriate filtering software
with regard to his/her taste or policy among PF, ipfw and ipfilter.
For those who are not familiar with PF, PF supports the following
features over ipfw.

. built-in variable expansion
. built-in NAT and preventing NAT detection
. table (a kind of very large blocks of address) support
. packet normalization
. state modulation
. powerful state tracking
. automatic rule optimization
. queueing with ALTQ
. load balancing with multiple routes

PF on FreeBSD supports FreeBSD 5 and -current systems. Because ALTQ on
FreeBSD is still experimental at this time, PF's ALTQ support is somewhat
limited to a small set of network drivers. With ALTQ enabled PF, you can
get amazing performance with "prioritizing empty acks" on ADSL connections.
Due to ALTQ network driver lacking support network interfaces such as ppp
or netgraph nodes at this time, this can only be achieved on a system which
uses a transparent xDSL connection. (A system that uses transparent xDSL
is not aware of the existence of xDSL. So this system does not use ppp
or mpd at all. This system uses a static IP address and configures its
network as if the connection comes from normal T1/E1 lines. I don't know
any other countries which support this kind of service except Korea.)

If FreeBSD merges code from ALTQ, PF would be the most preferrable packet
filter. PF on FreeBSD can be configured not to use ALTQ too.


- Christian

Christian Brueffer chris@unixpages.org brueffer@FreeBSD.org
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04-24-2003, 01:23 AM
BSD n00b

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incorporated in 5.x

I wonder if this will get incorporated in the 5.x branch. Yes I know, we already have ipfw/ipfw2 and ipf blah blah, but PF is really cool compared to both of them. Also, ALTQ is already in 5.x, but i've read that the ALTQ on OpenBSD was heavily modified in order to have it run with PF rules (no more altq.conf).

So is there any chance to see this being shipped with, say 5.2R?
04-24-2003, 05:05 AM  

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So far the official line seems to be that FreeBSD doesn't need a 3rd packet filter confusing everyone. Personally, I would be overjoyed if they replaced ipfilter with pf. I like ipfw a lot, and ipfw2 has made tremendous advancements, but pf looks very tempting as well and its presence in the base system (even as contrib) would give me cause to consider employing it. __________________
The FreeBSD Handbook doesn't end with installation. Read it. Read it all. Read it again.

04-24-2003, 05:20 AM  




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