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FreeBSD 4.8 RC2 / i386 Now Available


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FreeBSD 4.8 RC2 / i386 Now Available

FreeBSD Release Engg. Team's Murray Stokely announces the availability of FreeBSD 4.8 RC2 for i386, he says that the alpha build is in progress.

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Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 08:01:19 -0800
From: Murray Stokely <murray@FreeBSD.org>
To: stable@FreeBSD.org
Cc: qa@FreeBSD.org, re@FreeBSD.org
Subject: 4.8 RC2 / i386 Now Available

The FTP installation directory, mini-ISO, and full ISO with packages
are available now from ftp.freebsd.org and most mirrors. Sysinstall
won't properly install GNOME+Enlightenment, but all other desktop
environments should install properly. GNOME+E should be installable
with pkg_add. The Alpha build is in progress (thanks David!). The
testing guide is available here :


Please email re@ if you have an open issue that should be reflected
on this page. As always, thanks for your help making this FreeBSD
release a success.
- Murray / Release Engineering Team
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