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What Is a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a server that is used by just one client or computer network. It has its own IP address and can be better customized for the unique needs of the business that is hosting the website.

Pros of Dedicated Servers

Most websites do not need a dedicated server. However, large companies often have several websites that run from the same server. For instance, a large retail store that has locations across the country may wish to have a page for each locale. All of the pages are under the parent company, and they are all on the same server. This allows a company to create multiple websites without paying for hosting for each one. In this case, using a dedicated server could be more cost effective than finding hosting for each of the unique web pages. Also, by sharing a host server, the point of sale software could be the same for each site.

Besides the ability to create multiple websites on one server, dedicated server hosting provides stability. Unlike shared servers, a dedicated server is not affected by the actions of any other client. If the server has too much traffic to handle, only the client is to blame, and the server can be upgraded to deal with the traffic increase. Again, this makes dedicated hosting a good choice for large businesses or for busy websites and resource intensive programs.

Finally, those who choose dedicated servers have the most flexibility. They can choose the operating system, software on the machine, and even sometimes the hardware. Upgrades can be made quickly when needed.If you are interested in reading more about dedicated hosting services then please have a look at the various articles and links on the website menu and if you are going to purchase a dedicated server then be sure and read our dedicated server evaluation section.

Cons of Dedicated Servers

The biggest con to dedicated hosting is the cost. Most personal websites and small businesses cannot afford a dedicated host, and they do not need the space one provides either. Those who are looking for dedicated server hosting at the most affordable rate may choose to use a Linux or FreeBSD based server. The cost may be a bit less since both Linux and FreeBSD are open source operating systems. This typically does not cause compatibility issues, but it may require the website administrator who is used to windows servers to learn an unfamiliar operating system.

Dedicated servers not for you? Then read up on teh other types of services on the web hosting comparison section.

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